Jonathan Manzo, Principal

Jonathan Manzo is the owner and founder of urb-in , a practice specializing in infrastructure and urban design. His past work has ranged from large-scale project design management and master planning for institutional clients within the utility sector, to work on residential and commercial projects.

The projects Jonathan and urb-in oversaw within the utility sector delivered facilities that set new standards for design, community engagement, reliability, and resilience. Most notably, urb-in has overseen the design process of five new substation facilities and developed the master planning and disposition strategy for a thirty-two-acre property on the site of the former Hunters Point Power Plant in San Francisco.

Jonathan is a graduate of Connecticut College and received his Masters in Architecture (M.Arch). from California College of the Arts.

Andrew Guenzer, Project Director

Andrew Guenzer is Project Director at urb-in, where he works to support design excellence and project success through rich communication and clear organization.

Andrew came to urb-in with a commitment to its mission of building resilient cities and transforming the urban fabric. In a previous career as a therapist and social worker, he witnessed how neglect and lack of investment in the built environment impacted the health and well-being of entire communities.

 Andrew is a graduate of Yale University.