Hunters Point Substation


Pacific Gas & Electric

San Francisco, CA

In progress


Tatiana Bilbao Estudio & TEF Design

Landscape Architect
Creo Landscape Architecture

Design Supervision, Land Planning and Stakeholder Engagement

Since 2010, urb-in has worked closely with PG&E to analyze and provide feedback on various options for the modernization of the existing Hunters Point Substation.

The document prepared by urb-in and Alfred Fraijo Jr. of the firm Sheppard-Mullin, The Hunters Point Rebuilding Plan, articulated a vision for the siting of the modernized Hunters Point Substation; the principles it outlined developed in connection with PG&E’s ongoing site management strategies and disposition planning for Hunters Point. The evaluation criteria considered included:

• Land Use & Zoning
• Site Adjacencies
• Assessment of Inundation Risk
• Long-term Disposition of the Hunters Point Site
• Market Considerations and Development Trends

In 2015 work commenced on the design and engineering of the modernized substation. The new facility is a stunning re-thinking of infrastructure designed by Tatiana Bilbao Estudio and TEF design. The project is designed to Zero-Net Energy Building standards and will feature adjacent public space and streetscape improvements.

Hunters Point Substation is an excellent representation of urb-in’s mission to remake how infrastructure is built within the urban context.